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    aluminum body repair tesla

    Aluminum Body Repair

    New Image Paint and Body’s technicians are trained and equipped for aluminum body repair in Tempe. We’re proud to say that New Image Paint and Body is currently leading the way in high-quality aluminum repair work in the Phoenix’s East Valley.

    New Image Paint and Body boasts top-of-the-line equipment and an isolated repair space required to properly perform these repairs.

    Why use an Aluminum Body Repair Shop?

    Our technicians at New Image Paint and Body recognize that aluminum doesn’t have the same moldable properties that steel does, nor does it respond to heat as well as steel does. Aluminum is also much stronger and weighs less than steel. Sending your vehicle to a shop that doesn’t understand these distinctions may do more, if not irreparable, damage to your vehicle. This is one of the key reasons aluminum requires more attentive care than steel does.

    All New Image Aluminum Body Repair Work

    Is backed by our lifetime guarantee

    In the rare instance that you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the quality of our work, simply return your vehicle to any location and our team will work to make it right.

    New Image Paint and Body is strategically located in Tempe, locations serviced include Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and Mesa. Our expansive auto body repair services area encompasses a complete auto body repair facility from big collision repairs to minor dents. The experts at the New Image Paint and Body are able to restore your cars functionality, using the most advanced auto body techniques. We offer you the experience and technology needed to accurately diagnose and repair the source of the damage back to its original state.

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