The Importance Of Car And Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

You can go for car refurbishment even if it does not need any repair works. Refurbishment of the car is a process to improve one or several aspects of it. Refurbishment works are carried out to improve the wheels, interior, body, electronics and other parts. One or several of these parts are refurbished to make them look like new. The process may involve repair works including the alloy wheel repair. You can order full paint and body works.

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Car Refurbishment

This is the process to make a used car look like new. That is possible when the whole vehicle is refurbished. You can refurbish only a few parts such as wheels and body. Both classic and a recent model car can be refurbished. Used cars that have started looking old and unappealing can be improved with this method. It is important to understand that refurbishment is not same as restoration. In case of restoration, the car is restored to its original identical version. Refurbishment only improves one, many or all parts.

alloy wheel refurbishment

This is the process to improve the look of the wheel. Advanced equipment is used and the work is done in a purpose-built workshop. The wheels receive specialist care and treatments. In the first step, the old paint is removed. The wheels are sanded to the bare metal. The scratches, scuffs and other damaged parts are repaired. Cracks are filled to make the surfaces smooth. Any buckle is straightened.

Now the multistep painting process starts. The wheel refurbishment company offers a 12-month warranty for powder coated wheels. Different types of colours and finishes are available for the wheels. The paint is applied on a scratch-free and smooth surface. It is baked to make it strong and long-lasting coating. This process will return your alloy wheels to almost its original condition.

The wheels will be in the hands of trained and experienced technicians who believe in delivering perfect results. Make sure the alloy wheel company you contact strips the wheel to its bare metal before starting the refurbishing work. Some companies are limited to repairing only scratches and scuffs. Alloy wheel refurbishment is recommended at a few years of interval to get back the wheels in their original shape. The new paint coating protects the wheel metal so it can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions longer.

Paint and Body Work

Whether your car has been in a collision or its look has deteriorated due to scratches, dents and other deteriorating factors, everything can be fixed under the body and paint work plan. As the term suggests, this job involves repairing the body of the car and giving it a new coat of paint. The new paint is applied after stripping the body to the bare metal and repairing its dents, buckles and scratches. Multilayer paint process is used to give the vehicle a new look. Depending on your requirement, the job can involve alloy wheel refurbishment and panel replacement. The paint is applied after making the surfaces perfectly smooth.

Bring your car to the car refurbishment service centre if it needs wheel repair, refurbishment, or body and paint work.